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All Ortovox Backpacks ranging in size from 16 to 45 Litres.

 Ortovox Free Rider 16 L   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Free Rider 16 L Extended Delivery
109.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Free Rider 18 L   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Free Rider 18 L Extended Delivery
109.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Cross Rider 20   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Cross Rider 20 
59.99 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Free Rider 22 S   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Free Rider 22 S 
119.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Free Rider 24   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Free Rider 24 
119.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Free Rider 26 L   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Free Rider 26 L Best SellerSnowsafe Recommends
119.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Ascent 22 Tour Series   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Ascent 22 Tour Series 
99.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Ascent 30 S Tour Series   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Ascent 30 S Tour Series 
109.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Ascent 32 Tour Series   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Ascent 32 Tour Series 
119.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Haute Route 32   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Haute Route 32 Brand New ProductSnowsafe Recommends
109.95 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Peak 35   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Peak 35 
119.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Peak 45   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Peak 45 Brand New ProductSnowsafe Recommends
119.00 Buy Now 
 *NEW* Ortovox Powder Rider 16L   Ortovox 
 *NEW* Ortovox Powder Rider 16L Brand New Product
69.99 Buy Now 
 *NEW* Ortovox Tour Rider 28 S   Ortovox 
 *NEW* Ortovox Tour Rider 28 S 
99.00 Buy Now 
 *NEW* Ortovox Tour Rider 30   Ortovox 
 *NEW* Ortovox Tour Rider 30 
89.99 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Trad 18   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Trad 18 
39.99 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Trad 25   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Trad 25 
99.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Traverse 20   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Traverse 20 
99.00 Buy Now 
 Ortovox Traverse 30   Ortovox 
 Ortovox Traverse 30 
0.00 Buy Now 
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Backpacks are a vital piece of equipment for any off-piste skier or boarder. Comfort and space for all your essential gear are the main things to look for in a backpack. The choice on offer is large and can seem confusing, but with our range of backpacks you can definitely find something to suit all needs, from tiny lightweight packs for bombing around the resort right up to large multi-day alpine packs. A number of bags also come included with a hydration pack to keep you going throughout the day.

This section focuses on the smaller range of backpacks, used for short trips off-piste and resort riding. Of course they can also be used for all manner of other activities such as hiking and mountain-biking.

Take a look at this comparison table for more information on our full range of backpacks.


The Free Rider 16 and the Free Rider 18 are both small lightweight options that won't hinder you at all on the mountain. At 16 and 18 litres respectively they have enough room for your essentials, including space for your avalanche safety gear.

The 22L Cross Rider is a little bulkier but features excellent fasteners for either skis or a snowboard, which are very handy if your planning on hiking for some powder or even just walking to the lifts.

All the packs in the Ortovox range are designed to fit a hydration pack, as well as having pockets for your avalanche shovel and probe.


We sell the ever popular Pieps Racing 22 backpacks — Designed for both off-piste skiers and snowboarders, the trendy design and handy features have ensured the popularity of this backpack.

We also have a page selling Large Backpacks

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