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Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Probe

Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA

Familiar to rescue organizations and professional mountain guides, the extendible quick-release tensioning system of the 240 Carbon Probe enables efficient utilization and collapse in a matter of seconds.

Further Information

The large arrow probe-heads exceed the diameter of the extended freeze-resistant carbon probe line, allowing it to be retracted with ease. The durable steel cable pull line makes it ideally suited to frequent use, as well as the comfortable EVA foam grip sleeve.

The clearly marked burial depth markings can be read quickly, ensuring pinpoint precision and rapid response times

One of the lightest avalanche probes currently available, this rigid carbon probe features a light and strong Kevlar® tensioning cord and a bullet fitting for rapid assembly. A quick pull on the tensioning system assembles the probe. Pulling up on the small disc near the top instigates a simple disassembly.

Quick-release cover: All Ortovox probes are delivered with the high quality cover system that does without any drawstrings at all. Just compress the opening and pull out the probe.

PFA tensioning system: PFA stands for ‘Patented Flash Assembly’ and therefore for reliable tensioning within seconds, and just as quick release and folding.

Tensioning: Simply hold the last element and remove the cap. The elements are secured and the probe is ready for use.

Release: Press the quick release up with the thumb and the probe is ready to be folded together.

Carbon: Our premium probes are made of carbon. The material is extremely stiff, yet very light. Another advantage is the low thermal conductivity of the material – the probe freezes less quickly than other steel or aluminium models.

Depth marker: Here you can read the burial depth of the victim and accordingly schedule your shoveling strategy.

Anti-slip grip made of EVA foam: The probe fits pleasantly in the hand due to the EVA foam grip while the hands are protected by the same cold-resistant material.

Extendable: For this probe, there are extension segments, perfect for any professional use.

Further Carbon Information:

Carbon is the 15th most abundant element found in the earth's crust and is used on the surface of modern racing skis and as a hybrid element in ski waxes supporting the World Cup and elite North American racing scenes.

Electro-thermal purification technology is applied to carbon materials at 3,000C creating a crystalline structure with exceptional purity.

In effect, it is stronger, lighter, more durable, efficient and resilient.


Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Features

  • The lightweight probe for all racers
  • PFA-tensioning system
  • Grip sleeve made of EVA foam
  • Depth marker
  • Dyneema draw line
  • Stable ultra-light sensor
  • Stretched length: 240cm
  • Closed length: 40cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Diameter: 10mm
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    Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Probe
    Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Probe
    Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Probe
    Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Probe

    Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA

    Technical Specifications

    EAN 4250091720929
    Tension System PFA
    Sections 6
    Extendable no
    Grip material EVA Foam
    Material Carbon`
    Anti-slip strap yes
    Depth Markings 5cm markings
    Length (cm) 240cm
    Collapsible Length (cm) 40cm
    Extendable no
    Diameter 10mm
    Tension Locking Yes
    Weight 190g
    Automatic Locking No
    Cord Kevlar
    Alp locking system yes
    Cable Steel


    Probing Techniques:

    Beacon Search Probing

    The pinpoint search (within three meters) is the trickiest part

    of a beacon search. A probe can quickly confirm the location

    and depth of burial.

    Probes with depth markings aid in determining exact depth

    and in determining the appropriate excavation area size.

    From your lowest distance reading, probe 10 in (25cm)

    apart in an expanding spiral pattern.

    Since the pinpoint search is done along the snow surface, insert

    probe perpendicular to the surface, not straight down.

    After striking the victim, leave in place and start shoveling

    downhill of the probe.

    Recommended probe length: 1.8 to 3 meters.

    Spot Probing

    Performed if beacons are not worn or not functioning.

    Probe up to 6 feet deep (1.5 meters) in likely burial spots.

    These include the fall line below last-seen-area; around the

    victim’s equipment on surface; above and below rocks &

    trees; depressions, curves, and the toe of the debris pile.

    Studies show that avalanche victims rarely survive below 6

    feet (1.5 meters). Therefore a live recovery is more likely if

    you probe more areas than if you probe deeper.

    Recommended probe length: 2 to 3 meters.

    Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Probe
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      Ortovox 240 Carbon PFA Probe - Snowsafe

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