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TerraWest The Core Shovel

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TerraWest The Core Shovel

The Terrawest Core Shovel is a light, extremely practical shovel with a great strength-to-weight ratio, built for use by all off-piste skiers or back-country expeditions.

This is an all Aluminium shovel that is collapsible into 3 parts for efficient transport, or 2 parts for fast assembly in an emergency.

The telescopic function also means that the shovel can be used at full length, for maximum power, or at a shorter length for the greatest possible efficiency of movement in tighter spaces.

A classic T-Style grip means this shovel is easy to use and a strong, anodized Aluminium (6061), means the blade will not fail, regardless of load or conditions.

Blade size: 28cm by 22cm.

82cm maximum length and 66cm option for shorter shovelling.

Every one venturing into avalanche territory should go equipped with the necessary safety equipment. Remember a probe, shovel or transceiver will be useless individually. You need a TRANSCEIVER to locate the victim and a SHOVEL to dig them out once you have established their depth using the PROBE.

How to Shovel Correctly:

  • After reading the depth of the victim using the snow probe move downhill
  • Start digging a trench into the snow towards the victim.
  • The trench should be the same length as the depth of the victim
  • This is to allow space to clear previously dug snow.
  • If multiple shovelers are available then one person should be digging down at the point of the probe and the other people or person should be clearing snow out of the trench to allow room.
  • These roles should be rotated to keep shovelers fresh.


TerraWest The Core Shovel Features

  • All Aluminium parts
  • T Grip
  • Anodized Aluminium for extra strength
  • Breaks down to 3 parts for easy storage
  • Telescopic for 2 options of shovelling lengths
  • Can be stowed in 2 parts for quick assembly
  • Light weight at 580g
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TerraWest The Core Shovel
TerraWest The Core Shovel
TerraWest The Core Shovel
TerraWest The Core Shovel
TerraWest The Core Shovel
TerraWest The Core Shovel
TerraWest The Core Shovel

Technical Specifications

Oval Handle Cross section no
Rubbereised Grip yes
Non Slip Grooves yes
Blade with Protected edge Anodized
Handle material aluminium
D / T Grip T Grip
Telescopic Handle yes
Anti-slip strap no
Shovel Blade Material Aluminum 6061
Axe Function no
Compact handle Length 41cm
Compact handle Weight 250g
Shovel Blade Width 21cm
Shovel Blade Weight 350g


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TerraWest The Core Shovel
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  TerraWest The Core Shovel - Snowsafe

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