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Recco Reflector

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Recco Reflector

RECCO Reflector technology makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident. This RECCO reflector is a small, battery-free transponder which responds to signals from a RECCO detector to assist detection of the wearer in the case of an avalanche.

This system has proven itself effective and has been adopted globally by ski resorts, heli-ski operations, and search and rescue organizations as an additional and important tool for avalanche rescue.

First introduced in 1983, the technology was developed by Magnus Granhed with the cooperation of Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology in response to his personal experience with an avalanche tragedy.

In total more than 700 search & rescue organizations in the world have integrated the advanced location technology into their operations.

Professional rescuers can quickly pinpoint a buried reflector-equipped personís precise location using harmonic radar. This two-part system consists of a RECCO detector used by professional rescue groups, which have a range of over 200 metres, and RECCO reflectors that are attached to clothing, helmets, protection gear, and boots worn by skiers and riders and other outdoor enthusiasts.

PLEASE NOTE: This version of the adhesive-backed RECCO Reflector is only suitable to application to ski boots or helmets

The reflector is a small, band-aid sized, electronic transponder that weighs less than four grams. It is mounted to clothing and gear that is unlikely to be torn off in the event of an avalanche, ensuring that the reflector can't be left in the car, stashed mistakenly in the lodge or forgotten at home.

When used in conjunction with a RECCO Detector, the reflector's diode mixer acts as a harmonic generator to produce multiples of the frequencies received from the detectors.

The returned signal is translated into an audio tone whose volume is proportional to the returned signal, and by means of a volume control a trained rescue operator can literally go straight to the buried reflector once a signal is detected.

It is a non-powered device meaning that it never needs to be switched on, will never loose signal strength and needs no batteries to function. It is maintenance free and has a virtually unlimited lifespan.


RECCO Reflector Features

  • Small and lightweight, unnoticeable to the wearer once attached
  • Non-powered device - will never lose signal strength
  • Adhesive back for application to ski boot or helmet

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Recco Reflector
Recco Reflector
Recco Reflector
Recco Reflector
Recco Reflector

Recco Reflector

Avalanche expert Dale Atkins talks about transceiver and RECCO

Technical Specifications

Maximum Range 200m
Weight <4g
Dimensions 1cm x 6cm
Recco Reflector
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  Recco Reflector - Snowsafe

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