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*NEW* Ortovox AVABAG Unit

Brand New Product

*NEW* Ortovox AVABAG Unit

Thanks to the innovative processing system which requires no sewing or additional sealing, and a drastically reduced venturi unit, the ORTOVOX AVABAG is one of the lightest airbag systems in the world. Weighing only 690g, the system combines incredible lightweight stripped down design with the highest levels of reliability.

Ortovox Avabag Carbon Cartridge Not Included

This unit is compatible with the Ortovox Ascent 22 Avabag, Ortovox Ascent 30 Avabag and the Ortovox Freerider 22 Avabag


At just 1.8 Liters, and weighing only 690g, the AVABAG is the smallest airbag system worldwide.

The unit's small size means it takes up the minimum amount of space in any of the ORTOVOX backpacks, leaving as much room as possible for tools and kit.

The activation unit sits inside the venturi, creating a completely closed, robust system that functions without electricity. As such it is protected from dirt, ice, and all forms of corrosion, regardless of its environment.


The welding techniques used in the production of this unit have the dual function of keeping the size as small as possible at the same time as protecting the unit from any tears or leaks.


The AVABAG unit can be simply and quickly replaced or upgraded, and is compatible with all ORTOVOX AVABAG backpacks.


Releases can be practiced as often as required without an installed cartridge to ensure that the wearer is able to react appropriately in a real situation. The AVABAG system can then be re-activated by using the Ortovox Rearming Tool.

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*NEW* Ortovox AVABAG Unit
*NEW* Ortovox AVABAG Unit
*NEW* Ortovox AVABAG Unit
*NEW* Ortovox AVABAG Unit
*NEW* Ortovox AVABAG Unit

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  Ortovox AVABAG Unit - Snowsafe

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