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*NEW* ABS Powder Base Unit

This ABS Powder Base Unit is supplied with a FREE Blue/Ocean, flat, lightweight Powder 8L Zip-on (enough space for your Shovel & Probe.)

PLEASE NOTE: These zip-ons will fit older ABS Powder Base Unit versions

This lightest ABS Base Unit is much in demand among freeriders and off-piste skiers. However, it can also immediately be combined with the New Powder Zip-on with 26L packing volume and is therefore also suitable for shorter skiing trips.

This season the Powder Base Unit has been completely redesigned to provide the most comfortable fit possible. Because of its narrower back panel, ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and the tight neoprene hip strap, it also ensures a particularly good fit for women and youngsters.

In the Powder line, the fastenings for skis and snowboard are mounted directly on the Base Unit. This moves the centre of gravity significantly closer to the body and makes the pack comfortable to carry.

The activation handle is height-adjustable and can also be optimally adapted to left-handed users. Every Base Unit can be equipped with an activation unit made of Steel or Carbon (not included).

Base unit specifically designed to meet the needs of freeriders with proven ABS TwinBag system: compact, narrow and light.

The Powder Base Unit is a custom product of top quality. It is T‹V examined, designed for the high demands of an avalanche and with functionality in mind. The Powder Base Unit is significantly smaller than the Vario Base Unit and therefore meets the demands of freeriders. The form of the airbags is enhanced in a way that it can provide protection for the head – without compromising neck and head movement.

The great thing about the Powder ABS Base Unit is the versatility and the flexibility it offers you. Itís compatible with a number of different sized packs and it is easy to change them around, simply unzipping one pack and zipping on a different size.

Once you have the Powder Base Unit you can then purchase different sized 'zip-on' packs, so you always have the right capacity backpack to suit whatever trip you may be taking.

Comfort as well as functionality is ensured, with padded straps, a mesh material back for breath-ability and an adjustable chest strap.

What are the main differences between the ABS Powder Base Unit and Vario Base Unit?

  • Powder Base unit is compatible with 8L,15L,26L powder Zip On backpacks only
  • Vario Base Unit is compatible with Vario 8L,15L,18L ,24L,30L,32L, 40L, 45 + 5, 55L
  • Vario Base Unit comes in two sizes depending on your back length: Large is a back length of over 46cm and Small is a back length shorter than 49cm.
  • The Powder Base Unit is the lightest at 1.9kg
  • Vario Base Unit weighs 2.1kg
  • The Powder Base Unit has Snowboard/Snowshoe attachments and Ski fixtures on the Base Unit itself, reducing the need for a Zip On backpack.

    We at Snowsafe recommend that you test your ABS airbag, once you have tested it you can send us back your empty canister for a £50 refund

    Royal Mail dispose of canisters due to them being hazardous goods, We are not liable for the loss of your canister, please send via UKmail

    We recommend when sending canisters back to us that you use UKmail. These are a very trusted courier service that will allow you to send your canisters. Please find your local depot here


    Please send to the below address:


    5 Chapel Mews


    BN3 1AR

    Canisters can be purchased through the links below.

    Steel Canister + Release Unit

    Carbon Canister + Release Unit

    The 10 ABS Survival Principles

    1. Out of 262 people with an inflated ABS avalanche airbag, 97% have survived, 84% of them without injury.
    2. The original self-rescue system, produced and tested by German avalanche experts since 1985.
    3. If one airbag gets damaged during the descent, the other will remain inflated for a sufficient length of time. ABS therefore uses two airbags instead of one to ensure additional protection.
    4. Pyrotechnical-pneumatic activation for maximum reliability, instead of vulnerable Bowden pull solutions.
    5. An unrestricted view and unlimited freedom of movement enable escape from the avalanche.
    6. In the event of an avalanche, the airbags at the sides of the wearer's body create a wide contact surface. This horizontal position helps to prevent the victim being trapped in the run-out zone.
    7. The ABS TwinBags do not turn your body into the dangerous and helpless "bug" position.
    8. In 97% of all recorded avalanche accidents with an inflated airbag, the TwinBags were visible on the surface after the avalanche.
    9. The ABS TwinBags can be repacked easily, quickly and safely and are ready for use within no more than a few minutes.
    10. Personal practice activation at home, on the mountain slope or at your ABS retailer is essential.


    ABS Powder Base Unit Features

  • Sizes: hip belt adjustment is available for larger hip sizes (more than 115cm)
  • Airbags: new form with 170 litres (6.0 cu ft) buoyancy volume
  • Instant access to shovel and probe in an emergency.
  • Instant help thanks to SOS label with international emergency numbers.
  • Quickly locate equipment thanks to the spacious interior.
  • Securely stow away money, keys and mobile phone.
  • Ideal integration of drinking water system.
  • Useful and customizable mount for skis and snowboards.
  • Optional Purchase: Detachable helmet mount.
  • Simultaneous mounting of helmet and skis or snowboard.
  • Additional adjustable and convenient mounting options.
  • Easy to attach to the Powder Zip-On backpacks.
  • Foam padding and breathable mesh material for your back
  • Weight: 1.9Kg
  • Material: polyamide
  • Soft, elastic neoprene belt
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Excellent fit and wearing comfort
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Handle plate with activation handle, which is height-adjustable and available in a left-handed version, guaranteeing ease of access in the event of an emergency.
  • Light, elastic neoprene hip strap which gives a perfect fit. (For hips measuring over 115 cm there is an optional waist strap extension. This can be selected under Accessories.
  • Height-adjustable chest strap
  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps
  • Integrated leg strap
  • Water-repellent, padded back section
  • table, diagonal fastening for skis or snowboard, close to the body for a good wearing comfort
  • Base Unit Colour:
    £199.00 add to cart
    *REDUCED TO CLEAR* ABS Powder Base Unit
    *REDUCED TO CLEAR* ABS Powder Base Unit
    *REDUCED TO CLEAR* ABS Powder Base Unit
    *REDUCED TO CLEAR* ABS Powder Base Unit
    *REDUCED TO CLEAR* ABS Powder Base Unit
    Base Unit Colour:
    £199.00 add to cart
      ABS Powder Base Unit - Snowsafe

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